Who we are

The Quebec English-language Production Council (QEPC) represents the English-language production industry in Quebec. English production supports the Quebec production infrastructure. It is a net importer of capital and a major exporter of programming to markets outside Quebec.

Our members include leading production companies and ACTRA Montreal. Click here for our current membership.

Our Co-Chairs are Claire Benoit (Legal Production Counsel for Première Bobine and other producers) and Anna Scollan (Industry Relations, ACTRA Montreal). Other members of our board are Michael Prupas (Muse Entertainment), Janis Lundman (Back Alley Films), Kenneth Hirsch (PMA Productions), Christina Fon (Rezolution Pictures), and Rodney Gibbons. Kirwan Cox is our Executive Director.

What we do

Our goal is to increase English-language production, and production funding in Quebec.

Fifteen years ago our industry was producing $300 million per year in films and television. We then saw a steady decline in production until four years ago when we hit bottom, producing only $165 million in English-language programming, or about 25% of total domestic Quebec production.

Our members banded together to reverse that decline. Through research and strategic lobbying, we made significant changes. We were able to increase the provincial tax credit, increase federal funding across the board, and create minimum English-Quebec requirements among broadcasters.

Working together

Together, we are all stronger, and more successful. Join us