Why Join?

The production industry is a regulated industry. That means that the production and distribution of Canadian content is a matter of public policy: from tax policy to broadcasting regulation to trade policy to employment policy to fiscal policy. Decisions about your business and your economic survival are made every year by the institutions of the provincial and federal governments: by the CRTC, the Commissioner of Official Languages, CAVCO, SODEC, CMF, Telefilm, the National Film Board, CBC, standing committees, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and more.

Who has your back when policy decisions are being made and you’re in the editing room? Who fights to increase your production funding? Who gets broadcaster quotas on English-Quebec programming?

QEPC is the only association dedicated to supporting and growing English-language film and TV production in Quebec. If you want to make a living in Quebec, you need us, and we need you. Our only operating revenue is our members’fees.

If you join our Council, you help strengthen program production, maintain the infrastructure, support the talent base, and increase access to broadcasters. We focus on English-language production, but our efforts have supported both English and French-language programming in Quebec.

The purpose of the QEPC is:

  • To represent the English-language audio-visual production industry in Quebec [television programs, feature films, documentaries, IMAX, digital, video games and other media]; and
  • To bring together representatives of the Industry in order to collaborate and coordinate priorities and strategies with the goals of promoting industry stability, enhancing vitality and growth, and reflecting regional priorities and market presence.

Since QEPC began its work in 2008, we estimate that our lobbying has resulted in approximately $300 million in new funding for both English and French Quebec productions at a total cost to our members of $300,000. We believe this record makes us the most efficient and, “pound for pound”, perhaps the most effective lobby in the industry.

If you join our Council, you make it possible for us continue this work, and improve funding for your productions.

But wait. There’s more.

In addition to representing the English-language production industry in Quebec before the various government policymakers, agencies, and tribunals, we provide services for our members.

We keep our members informed about the development and growth of the industry across the country, as well as in Quebec, with our annual Canadian Regional Production Monitoring Report. This report is used by Government and industry policymakers to follow production trends. It is the most complete source of information on English-Quebec production. View the reports here.

We provide our members with regular information updates and analysis on production issues that affect them.

We bring the senior program honchos of the CBC and private broadcast groups to Montreal every year to talk turkey to producers about what they want, when they want it, and how much they will pay. Be sure you are part of these meetings, and talk to the decision-makers when they are here.

But wait. There’s more.

We have signed an agreement with retransmission rights manager Compact Collections Ltd, based in London, which gives our members a 25% discount on their fees. They collect worldwide copyright monies due to you, and you pay only on revenues they collect for you. This will give you the same services used by large producers from Muse Entertainment to BBC Worldwide for a steep discount. Contact us for more information about how to collect your retransmission rights revenues.


We are now negotiating a production discount with a major insurance company. We should have details available by December, 2016.

How to join

The QEPC membership includes three categories:

  • Producer: for companies engaged in the creation of English-language film, television or interactive media production, including service production. These are provincially or federally incorporated companies, majority owned by Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and based in Quebec.
  • Service: for individuals or companies who are not producers and who offer necessary and valuable services to the media industry. These are Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Quebec, or are majority Canadian-owned and controlled corporations or partnerships based in Quebec.
  • Union: Quebec-based union, guild, or Quebec chapter of a Canadian union or guild.

Recognizing the varied financial capabilities of our members, we have a scaled fee structure starting at $500/year based on average annual revenue or income. Applications are subject to approval by our Board of Directors.

To join our council or for more information please contact Kirwan Cox at qepc@bell.net.