July 18, 2017 Volume 2


Wishing you all a wonderful summer! 

What's New

QEPC Throws a Party on June 21, and lots of People Came

Your Council held a 5 à 7 party at La Drinkerie near the Lionel Groulx Metro on June 21. It was an opportunity to see our members and friends in the flesh, enjoy the summer weather, and share free food and drink. We had a great success with nearly fifty people overall, and some revellers stayed till closing. We did forget one thing- to take photos. At popular request, we hope to have another party before the end of the year, photos and all.

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly Promises Cultural Framework in September

The Minister has been consulting with the public for over a year, and has promised to deliver a Framework Cultural Policy soon. Mme. Joly plans to revise both the Broadcasting and Telecom Acts.

We are concerned that the digital American giants (over-the-tops or OTTs like Netflix, Google, Facebook, etc.) are not playing by the same rules, or paying the same Cancon funding, as their local competitors (Bell, Québecor, Rogers, Corus, etc).

The golden rule: if you distribute or broadcast your foreign content in Canada, you must pay to support Canadian content. That is the message we have been sending and are continuing to send to the Federal and Quebec Governments, and all their agencies, for the past year. Whether the distribution platforms are analogue or digital is irrelevant. The QEPC believes that we must control our own market so we can increase Cancon production funding, and build export markets from a position of strength.

Michael Prupas CEO of Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. Asks if Canada Can Meet Challenges of the Digital World

Michael Prupas, CEO of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, one of the largest production companies in Canada, gave the keynote speech to the Bureau du cinéma et de la télévision du Québec (BCTQ)'s AGM on July 6th.

Prupas said that he has always worked to increase control over the programs Muse produces. Since 2000, service production has fallen from 90% of its work to 15% today. Since 2010, Muse has kept the international rights to its programming and become a major player as a result. However, the challenges have never been greater for Canadian producers.

We live in a Canadian regulatory regime that allows an open digital market for all foreign distributors who, unlike their Canadian rivals, don’t have to support Canadian programming, or even pay sales taxes internationally. English-language TV series have increased from 250 in 2014 to 450 last year. The international market is saturated with new programming from players that seem to have unlimited financial resources.

How can we meet the challenges of the next five years as we lose support for Canadian content in our domestic market? If we want our industry to survive, we either have to reduce our production costs, or combine our resources. If we want an international audience, we can’t reduce our costs. Our challenge is to find the means inside Canada to reach the international audience. We have the talent, but do we have the vision to build a bigger and better industry?

QEPC Writes to the Prime Minister and all Quebec MPs to Repeal the CRTC Licence Renewal Decisions

On July 11th, your Council wrote to all Quebec federal MPs asking them to request that the Cabinet cancel the recent CRTC licence renewal decisions for Bell, Rogers, and Corus. We want the CRTC to review those decisions (CRTC 2017-148, etc) which are estimated to result in a loss of $911 million drama and doc programming over the next five years. See the letters in English and French at QEPC.ca.


Help Repeal the CRTC Decisions. Sign Industry Petition Now.

These letters to the Quebec MPs were part of a larger industry campaign asking for the repeal of the CRTC decisions by the Governor-in-Council. We ask you to sign the petition at:

English Link
French Link

See Summer Drama Series!


21 Thunder
Premieres Monday, July 31st at 9pm onCBC Television


QEPC board member Kenneth Hirsch and his team at PMA Productions have produced an exciting 8 part drama series about sex, drugs, and soccer which is premiering on CBC July 31. This series is one of a record seven English drama series produced by QEPC members in 2016. This is a great production achievement for English-Quebec drama, and shows that your Council’s lobbying CBC, Bell, Rogers, CMF, and CRTC is paying off.

In the viciously competitive world of pro soccer, a club lives and dies by the stars on its under-21 team. They are the future and lifeblood of any franchise. But most will never make it. This is the story of the Montreal Thunder U21 team, and the players and coaches who risk it all for their dreams